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LANGUAGES: French mother tongue, fluent English, German and Italian
SPORTS: Aikido, swimming, cross-country skiing, sailing
DRIVER´S LICENCE: Cars, small trucks, small motorcycles

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English showreel 2022

  • El Pre$idente 2022 5'30"


English showreel 2020

  • The Head 2'49"


French showreel 2018

  • C´était pas moi. Das war ich nicht 2'55"


German showreel

  • Staatsanwalt 1'22"
  • SOKO Wien/Donau 1'35"
  • Rindvieh à la carte 0'26"s
  • Ein Sommer in Südfrankreich 0'57"


Download resume    1,7 MB

Cinema and TV


Nuremberg, Walden Media, directed by James Vanderbilt


The Madame Blanc Mysteries (Season 2), Clapperboard, Saffron Cherry TV, directed by Dermot Boyd
Chaos und Stille, Zwillingfilm GmbH, directed by Anatol Schuster


El Pre$idente "The Game of Corruption", Gaumont, Amazon Studio, directed by Armando Bo


The Head, Mediapro Studio, directed by Jorge Dorado


Rock my Heart, Neue Schönhauser Filmproduktion GmhH, directed by Hanno Olderdissen
Der Staatsanwalt (Liebe und Wut), Novafilm Fernsehproduktion GmbH - Odeon TV, directed by Ulrich Zrenner


Ein Sommer in Südfrankreich, Ariane Krampe Filmproduktion GmbH, directed by Jorgo Papavassiliou
Nina (TV series), Barjac Production, directed by Adeline Darraux
Daimonion, Production afaMedien barth&sälinger GbR, directed by Fabian Barth


Kollwein´s Day of Truth, Production Kordes Film GmbH & Co. KG, directed by Anna Justice
Das Wetter in geschlossenen Räumen, SUTOR KOLONKO Filmproduktion, directed by Isabell Stever

Der Letzte Bulle - The Last Cop, Production ITV Studios Germany, directed by Sophie Allet-Coche
Ein Fall Für Zwei - A Case for Two, Relaunch, Production Odeon Film, directed by Markus Ulbricht
Küsten, Künstler, Komissare, Production ZDF, directed by Michael Leja


Soko Donau/Wien, Vienna Crime Squad (Schachmatt), Production Satel Film GmbH, directed by Olger Gimpel
Ein Fall Für Zwei - A Case for Two, Produktion Odeon Film, directed by Markus Ulbricht


The Woman Who Brushed off Her Tears, Production Ostlicht Filmproduktion GmbH, directed by Teona Strugar Mitevska
Production Flabbergastedfilms, directed by Eicke Bettinga (Short), Festival de Cannes 2012
Savage Love 666, Production IMAS Film., directed by Olaf Ittenbach


Rindvieh à la Carte, Production U5 / Degeto, directed by Markus Ulbricht
Werner Eiskalt,
Production Constantin Film, directed by Gernot Roll
Exitus, Production Kaskade e.V., directed by Ziegler


Withered Flowers Blooming, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, directed by Martin Schreier


Romy, Production Phoebus Film GmbH, directed by Torsten C. Fischer.
Die Eylandt Recherche,
Production 1900 Pictures Media & Entertainment, directed by Don Miguel


Der Hochzeitswalzer, Production D.I.E. Film GmbH, ARD, directed by Andrea Katzenberger
Er schon wieder, Production Apartmentfilm, directed by Tobias Dittmann


Tatort - Crime Scene, (Aus der Traum), Production Telefilm Saar GmbH, directed by Rolf Schübel, ARD
Alarm for Cobra 11 – The Highway Police, (Nemesis), Production Action Concept GmbH, directed by Axel Sand, RTL
Hecker & Nagel, Production Filmbit.de, directed by Jan Heilig, R-TV


Speer and Hitler: The Devil's Architect, Production Bavaria Film GmbH, directed by Heinrich Breloer
Sous Le Soleil - Under the Sun, Marathon Production, directed by Bénédicte Delmas
The Grandstand of Horror, Videoclip Punkrock Band The Universal Indicator, directed by M. Becker
, Production 1977film GbR, directed by Alexander Bischoff


Claras Schatz, Production ABC Studio, directed by Hans-Erich Viet


The Manns - A Novel of the Century, Production Bavaria Film GmbH, directed by Heinrich Breloer
Tatort - Crime Scene
, (Du hast keine chance), Telefilm Saar GmbH, directed by Hartmut Griesmayr
Die Anrheiner, Production Zieglerfilm Köln GmbH für WDR, directed by Adalbert Plica


Thanks for the Gesture, Production Charles Gassot Téléma, directed by Claude Faraldo
Schule am See, (Falsches Spiel), Production DOM FILM, directed by Guido Pieters
If We Could Know, Production Neue Sentimental Film, directed by A. Gläser and Matthias Hartmann




Faust by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, directed by Hans-Peter Speicher, Internationales Theater Frankfurt, part Faust
The Gin Game by D.L. Coburn, directed by Nate Records, a revival at the Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden, part Weller


Hillary and Clinton by Lucas Hnath, a staged reading directed by Andreas Dähn, The Amelia Earhart Playhouse, part Mark
Deer by Aaron Mark, directed by Nate Records, Das Europäische Theater, part Ken
Oh les beaux jours - Happy days by S. Beckett, directed by Véronique Boulanger, Das Europäische Theater, part Willie


The Gin Game by D.L. Coburn, directed by Nate Records, Das Europäische Theater, part Weller


Le Bonheur by Éric Assous, directed by Robert Joubin, Das Europäische Theater, part Alexandre


The Last Romance by Joe DiPietro, directed by Keith Greenleaf, Wiesbaden English Language Theater, part Ralph


With Love by Jeanne Johnston, directed by Keith Greenleaf, Wiesbaden English Language Theater, part The Charming Prince


The Memories of Viola by James Danek, directed by Keith Greenleaf, Wiesbaden English Language Theater. Part Otto


Piège pour un homme seul by Robert Thomas, directed by Sean Aita, English Theater Vienna, tournée en Autriche, parts Priest and Tramp


Mind Flow, directed by Matthias Hartmann at World Fair 2000 in Hannover, part Jean-Pierre
The Making of ... by Stefan Schulze-Hausmann, directed by Knacki Deuser for EADS at the Congress Zentrum in Amsterdam, part Jean-Claude
Cours Privé by Henri Kamer, directed by Philippe Jacq at Théâtre Bourvil, part Jacques


Modern and classical plays in French, English and German

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